We're back again for our third annual conference bringing you some of the most influential tech-stars to rap about Node, hack around, lead some workshops and in general have an all-out ill time.

This year we will be featuring hands-on workshops hosted by MongoDB and StrongLoop, followed by an early evening speaker series with some of the most prominent talent in the Node community leading up to a dope after party that will be hard to forget. Here's the lineup:

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Tuesday, April 8
BLE Hack (6:30pm)
Bryan Paluch (@bryanpaluch) from Comcast Labs and Howard Tyson (@tizzo) from @ZivTech will be leading a hack with BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy) devices. The event will be held at ZivTech and BLE devices will be provided to attendees. Space and supplies are limited for this event so reserve early.
Bryan Paluch
Bryan is an Engineer at Comcast in the Technology and Product Development group. He works on real time communications technologies, and home automation products. He is currently gearing up to launch a new communications platform as well as investigating BLE technology uses.
Wednesday, April 9
MEAN Stack Workshop (2-3:30 pm)
The MEAN Stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular, Nodejs)
We are teaming up with MongoDB (@mongodbinc) to put on this afternoon workshop led by Valeri Karpov on the MEAN stack (MongoDB, Express, Angular and Node.js). MongoDB helps you build new applications, fast. By coding with Javascript throughout, engineers are able to realize performance gains in both the software itself and in the productivity of developers. See how you can leverage MongoDB and Node.js for rapid application development with powered end-to-end Javascript. Spots are limited, reserve your spot now!
Valeri Karpov
Valeri Karpov has been developing web applications since putting up his first Pokemon message board at age 10. He studied data structures under Professor Robert Tarjan at Princeton and started his career working on trade execution platforms at a high frequency trading firm, but web development has been his lifelong passion.

Valeri is best known for coining the term 'MEAN stack', a Javascript-only combination of web development technologies. His writings on the MEAN stack are based on his work building out full-stack web applications for The Ascot Project and Bookalokal.com using these technologies. He currently works at MongoDB, where he's helping build out a massively parallel continuous integration platform. He blogs about nutrition, personal philosophy, web development, and other loosely related topics at thecodebarbarian.com.
Strongloop Workshop (3:30-5:30 pm)
Build and Deploy an API server in Node
In this workshop, Matt Schmulen will walk you through the fundamentals of how an API Server works and what they are good for. We'll then crack open our lids and start hacking. By the end of the session you should have an API Server deployed locally or on your cloud of choice that supports connectivity to MongoDB, MySQL and Oracle plus provides services like push, geolocation and sync.
Matt Schmulen
Independent Mobile Developer & @StrongLoop Sales Engineering

Schmulen is a Developer Advocate for @StrongLoop. As a former Appcelerator Systems Engineer and native mobile developer, Matt understands first hand how latent API and mobile middle tiers can frustrate developers and kill the consumer experience. Matt joined the StrongLoop team to help mobile developers take advantage of Node to create fast and responsive API servers.
Conference Speakers (6pm)
Strongloop: Beyond Node v0.12 - Functional Gaps, Solutions and Unicorns
In this talk, Node core committer Bert Belder looks beyond Node v0.12 to discuss the functional gaps that still remain, plus a preview of a few potential solutions. He'll also make the case that Node is coming to a browser near you - whether you like it or not. This should create a full circle JavaScript utopia. Unicorns!
Bert Belder
Node Commiter and @StrongLoop Co-Founder

Having been programming since he was a little kid, Bert got involved with open source when he started to port Node.js to Windows. It got him the core contributor badge, and he hasn't left the project since. In 2012, Bert founded his company @StrongLoop together with long-time Node contributor Ben Noordhuis, in an effort to lead Node to world domination.

Write Your Own Monitoring For Fun and Profit
Give the lowdown on streams and how this simple abstraction can be used to compose your own monitoring system! Jarrett will dive into the module godot and how it uses a generic JSON format to send messages over the network using TCP/UDP.
Jarrett Cruger
Engineer at Nodejitsu passionate about building fault tolerant, distributed systems. Dreams for the day that we will build a completely decentralized internet infrastructure.

Building and shipping a product with Node.js: Short stories of engineering for performance and sustainability.
Paolo Fragomeni
Left a research position at MIT in 2010 to found Nodejitsu as CTO. Shortly after founded The Node Firm. In 2013 formed Async.ly, a consultancy specifically focused on teaching companies to leverage DTrace and Node.js. Async.ly has recently released a platform for teaching called Here Is How (http://hereishow.to).

Integrate All The Things!
Adam Tuttle will talk about using Node and Heroku to make his life easier and more enjoyable. As more and more of everyday life becomes internet-addressable, it becomes possible to automate the tediousness out of life. There are a million great SaaS tools, but for the most part they all exist in their own silos. Thanks to service webhooks and APIs, and the proliferation of Node modules, you can aggregate most things into a life-stream... and you can host these tools in the cloud, for free, on Heroku. It's like IFTTT, but with more control and a better interface: your IDE.
Adam Tuttle
Adam is a jack of all trades but he specializes in JavaScript, REST, SOA, Security, and Responsive mobile-optimized design.

In addition to working with and speaking about Node.js and ColdFusion, he maintains a growing library of open source projects including Taffy. Adam is a board game geek and blogs, mostly about tech stuff, at fussiongrokker.com.You can also Fork Adam on GitHub.

Switching to Node Without Nuclear Fallout
Tom Shawver, Lead Architect at Leadnomics, will tell you how to switch your legacy stack to Node without getting fired in the process. He'll cover architectures, libraries, and tools you should know about before you need them.
Tom Shawver
Lead Architect at @Leadnomics

Engineering Dash
After being introduced to Node at the last Node Philly Conference, Nathan decided it might be a great solution for a new software product he was scheduled to develop. In this talk, he'll describe the latest iteration of the architecture that's powering Dash. He'll cover tools and methods that will save you when you need to run your application in production.
Nathan Bowser
Engineer behind Dash
After-Partaaaaay (9pm)
After-party at our usual spot, City Tap House (@taphousephilly) featuring food, drinks, music and a chance to mingle with your fellow Node fans. Food & beer provided by our awesome sponsors.